Firmware update C6

C6 controller firmware can be updated when connected computer to the AHU. This can be done by connecting computer directly as well via local computer network or internet. To update firmware on C6 controller perform following steps:

1. Stop AHU by pressing TURN OFF button on the control panel.

2. On the control panel find the IP address of the ventilation unit

3. Connect AHU to computer or to local computer network.

4. On the computer start Internet browser application and enter IP addess that was found in the control panel.

5. Connect to the C6 user interface: enter user name user , password user2 and press Login button.

6. Press SETTINGS1 button.

7. In the INFORMATION section check current firmware versions of the controller and control panel (firmware version is the last number; for example means that version number is 20).

8. If current control panel version is X.X.X.10 or latter, control panel firmware will be updated together with C6 controller firmware. If control panel version is older – only C6 controller can be updated.

9. Download update file from KOMFOVENT website, using following links:

9.1. Update file for units with main module firmware version X.X.X.15 or later

9.2. Intermediate update file for units with main module firmware version X.X.X.14 or earlier

10. In the internet browser application window enter IP address of the AHU and add /g1.html.

11. If prompted enter user name and password again (see step 5).

12. When screen loads click Browse1 button and specify location of the update file on your computer:

12.1. If control main module firmware version is X.X.X.15 or later, chose *.mbin file

12.2. If control main module firmware version is X.X.X.14 or earlier, chose *.bin file

13. When update file is selected, press Upload button.

14. In the Status line „uploading“ will be displayed.

15. After 30–60 seconds the Status line will change to:

15.1. „Firmware uploaded successfully, device is restarting. Panel firmware upload success: wait until finished”, if at the same time control panel firmware was updated

15.2. „Firmware uploaded successfully, device is restarting.”, if only C6 controller was updated:

15.3. “Firmware upload error”, if update was not successful (see step 21).

16. Wait for 1–2 minutes, until controller will update the firmware and restart.

16.1. If control panel firmware was updated, on the panel screen “Updating” will be displayed together with the status bar.

16.2. Wait for 1–2 minutes, until control panel firmware will be updated and main screen will return.

17. If C6 controller firmware version before the update was X.X.X.10 or earlier, after update IP address of the unit was restored to default If needed it can be changed using control panel (see step 2).

18. If C6 controller firmware version before the update was X.X.X.14 or earlier, repeat steps 10-16, but use *.mbin update file instead.

19. Check new firmware version number in the internet browser (see steps 4-7) and if OK you can use ventilation unit normally.

20. If control panel firmware version is X.X.X.9 or earlier, new functions introduced with C6 controller update will be available only in the web interface and will not be shown on the control panel display, however the control panel will work normally as before the update. In case if new function access from the control panel is needed – control panel should be replaced with a new one.

21. If firmware update has failed, please perform the following steps and try to update again:

• Make sure correct update file was used (see steps 9 and 12)

• Turn OFF main power for the AHU, wait for 1 minute and turn the power ON

• Restart computer that is used for updated

• Use different internet browser

• Connect computer directly to the AHU (not through a network or internet)

If still firmware update is not successful please contact Komfovent service department.


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